Recipe controlled semi and fully automatic PC/PLC-control for KREIS-DISSOLVER® and KREIS-BASKET-MILL®

Fully automatic process control for reliable results. In order to achieve a reproducible and operator independent result many control steps are necessary. In this case the error potential and the danger of spreading losses by the manual execution of individual steps is very high.

KD-BATCH-CONTROL® provides the continuous automation of all dosing, mixing and weighing processes. Correction steps are suggested automatically and are immediately carried out if necessary. This accelerates the processes, permits an intervention in time into the processes and thus considerably reduces the rejection.

Control of batch orientated production processes:

Process control module for the control of dosing, mixing and weighing processes

Data Communication
Data base technique allows the connection of PPS and quality management systems as DIBAC or SAP

Receipt of goods
Module for the recording, weighing and conveyance of raw materials in storage cells including the administration of silos and tanks

Master data administration
Administration of all relevant master and production data including operators administration

Batch protocol
Generation and printout of dosing protocols as well as recording of all machine parameters


Main features

  • Continuous automation of dosing, mixing and weighing processes
  • Graphic, intuitive operating surface under Windows
  • Recipe assistant / Teach-in-control
  • Reproducible and operator independent results
  • Registration and long-term archiving of all relevante production and operation modes
  • Modular software concept for the gradually automation of the installation parts
  • Open, scalable system on the basis of a client/server architecture
  • Optimization possibilities by installation specific analysis and evaluation of the recorded data