Installation report – That was a close thing!

Montage eines ADV bei Brillux in Malsch
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If we at NIEMANN talk about an ADV 2000-340 FU, words like “chunk“ are mentioned. With its 12.000 litres useful volume this top-mounted dissolver namely belongs to the larger machines, which we are manufacturing. It is even only the 3rd machine in Germany, which we are delivering in this size.

In case of a top-mounted dissolver the machine is placed directly on the mixing container. If this is made in a spacious and empty hall, a large crane and 2 diligent service technicians are necessary to install the machine on site. Done!

However, sometimes the preconditions are different. This was the case at our customer of longstanding, the paint and coating producer Brillux at their site in Malsch. The machine should be placed here in the lower floor of a production tower. Thus, the installation “in one piece” could not be carried out as usual.

Instead of that the machine was delivered in several parts and had been installed on site by the NIEMANN technicians, with active support by the colleagues of Brillux. “This was like Lego, only with 5000 kgs heavy parts“, laughs one of the technicians when talking about this project. However, they were in no laughing mood. Especially the installation of the machine top around a curve was a challenge, during which also the one or other cable tray had to yield rather unintentionally. But finally, our technicians also managed to install it by using chain hoists, load belts and a certain improvisation spirit.

This assembly was challenging and had its “rough edges”. It was truly not easy, but it worked. At the end it always works. This is our ambition. This is special machinery manufacturing. This is NIEMANN.

Many thanks to Tobias, Kai and Leon for your always great support at our customers. And also thank you to Brillux for the trustful and good cooperation.