The current COVID-19 status


The health of our employees, customers and representatives has top priority for us. That is why, in this special situation, we act with the greatest care and primarily keep a cool head.

In order to maintain the productivity and to avoid a further spread of the coronavirus, we have taken the following measures:

Setting up a working group

The internal working group is analysing the current situation continously. The working group discusses and verifies the measures to be carried out before these are taken. In this regard the information and guidelines given by the Robert Koch Institute, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the federal government are taken into consideration.

Internal measures

  • Business trips of any nature are generally prohibited
  • External persons do no longer have access to the company buildings
  • An external box has been installed in front of the entrance of the office building for incoming mail
  • Personal appointments with suppliers and other business partners have been cancelled or are being held via telephone
  • In order to minimize the contact between the employees, a shift system for all departments has been initiated. For this purpose the employees have been separated in 2 teams / shifts „blue“ and „yellow“. In case of an infection the other team each can continue to work. This way all departments should stay able to work.
  • Employees are required not to leave their workplace and their departments each
  • Internal meatings are held by phone
  • The workplaces are being disinfected before the shift change
  • The employees have been informed about the hygienic recommendation for action (frequent hand washing for at least 20 sec., not to touch the face, no handshaking etc.)
  • Common rooms like changing room, break room, kitchen are closed until further notice
  • The goods receiving is being effected via the logistics (gate 5) solely

In consideration and constant observation of the current situation we try to keep the daily operation going as well as possible.

We are confident that we will be able to handle this situation together. With this in mind the WILHELM NIEMANN Maschinenfabrik wishes you lots of strength, prudence and above all health.