Review: European Coatings Show 2019

Good but not outstanding

WILHELM NIEMANN GmbH auf der European Coatings Show 2019
Das Team der Firma NIEMANN auf der ECS 2019
Die Happy Hour von WILHELM NIEMANN auf der ECS 2019

During the ECS 2019 more than 1.150 international exhibitors from the entire paint and coatings industry were pleased to welcome 30.500 professional visitors. The low visitor increase (30.198 in 2017) was not reflected in the hall of the machine manufacturers. It was more quiet there in this year. However, NIEMANN was not discouraged by that. On all three exhibition days, they had promising contacts and discussions as well as detailed negotiations.

NIEMANN could again impress the visitors with the largest booth in hall 6 in this year. A total of 8 machines were presented on the 117m² large booth, which catched one’s eye already when entering the hall due to a large LED cube above the booth. Mr. Karim Onsy, representative and friend of longstanding, was that impressed by our presence that he nominated the booth to be the “blue empire in hall 6“.

The product presentation of the new KREIS-BASKET-MILL®-RS "annular gap" was a success and arouse large interest at the visitors. The combination of the annular gap technology and the immersion mill makes finest grindings up to nanoscale possible, with much shortened process times. These and further advantages complete the characteristics of a classic basket mill.

Another highlight was the Bavarian happy hour on the second exhibition day, to which NIEMANN invited their customers, representatives and friends. Beside Nuernberger Wuerstchen we offered tasty shrimps and freshly drawn Tucher beer.

In some discussions the question was how this year‘s presentation can still be topped. You will receive the answer on the occasion of the ECS 2021, which will take place in Nuremberg from March 23 to 25, 2021.