Innovative Surface Treatment with ViwateQ® Finishing

Innovative surface treatment with ViwateQ® Finishing

Introducing our new ViwateQ® surface treatment! ViwateQ® Finishing's innovative technology ensures that all stainless steel surfaces are optimised for smoothness, reducing the adhesion of dirt particles and improving cleanability.

ViwateQ® Finishing utilises a completely new approach to the surface treatment of stainless steel. By using this method, the surface is brought to an optimal condition. The result is a high-quality surface that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers a number of advantages:

The optimum smoothness of the surface minimises potential points of attack for corrosion, which increases the service life of the stainless steel and reduces maintenance costs. In addition, the smooth surface makes it easier to remove dirt particles, which leads to a significant reduction in cleaning time. This means less effort and lower costs for care and maintenance.

No chemicals are used in the surface treatment process. This means that the environmental impact is minimised while still achieving an excellent surface finish. The use of ViwateQ® Finishing is therefore not only economical but also environmentally friendly.

The combination of optimum smoothness, improved cleanability, corrosion resistance and environmental friendliness makes this process an ideal choice for our company.

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