60 years of KREIS-DISSOLVER®: A success story of WILHELM NIEMANN GmbH & Co.

For 60 years, the name KREIS-DISSOLVER® has stood for innovation and quality. What once began as a courtesy developed into a success story that revolutionized the regional paint industry and made a name for itself internationally.

The story began in 1963, when a friend of Gerhard Niemann, owner of a paint factory, was the victim of a fire. As a sign of solidarity, Gerhard Niemann decided to build a small "paint mixer", which became known as a dissolver. This first machine had a newly developed technology that quickly attracted the attention of the regional paint industry, which showed great interest.

Inquiries piled up and the first machine was officially sold in April 1963.

Over the years, NIMEANN grew steadily and expanded its production capacity to meet the needs of its customers. In 1981, a special milestone was reached when the 1,000th machine was sold. Through intensive research and development, NIEMANN succeeded in continuously improving its products.

Today, after 60 years of successful history, NIEMANN is celebrating the production of its 6,000th machine.

The products are sold and recognized internationally. NIEMANN machines have proven to be efficient and of high quality, meeting the requirements of customers worldwide.

60 years of Kreis-Dissolver are a testament to passion, innovation and a tireless commitment to quality. NIEMANN is proud of its achievements and looks forward to continuing to offer first-class products in the years to come.

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