Geschichte قصة - MASCHINENFABRIK

KDV خلاطا ت ـ كرايس

خلاط - كرايس آلات مزج عالية الأداء بقدرات من 2,2 الى kW 315 مناسبة لخلط، ومزج وتفريغ من منتجات متوسطة الى منتجات عالية اللزوجة للبويات وصناعة الطلاء، الصناعات الكيماوية والصيدلانية ومستحضرات التجميل.

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KBM سلة ـ طحن ـ كرايس

سلة - طحن - كرايس (مطحنة عالية الأداء لطحن ناعم ممتاز خلال عملية الانتاج داخل الباتش) مناسبة للمزج والطحن الناعم لمنتاجات البويات وصناعة الطلاء، الصناعات الكيماوية والصيدلانية، ومستحضرات التجميل.

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KDVB خلاط - كرايس - الفراشة

خلاطات - كرايس - الفراشة (آلات مزج عالية الأداء بقدرات من 5,5 / 15 kW الى 22 / 90 kW ) مناسبة لخلط، مزج وتفريغ لمنتجات فائقة اللزوجة ومتغيرة الانسيابية للبويات وصناعة الطلاء، الصناعات الكيماوية والصيدلانية ومستحضرات التجميل.

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التنمية من الأفكار




Presentation of a basket mill with annular gap technology for fine grinding up to nanoscale.

Maschine #5000

Delivery of the 5000th machine – presentation during the ECS 2017.


Expansion of the production capacity of a further area of 1600 m2.

50 years of KREIS-DISSOLVER®

The KREIS-DISSOLVER® celebrates its 50th birthday.

Expansion of production

Expansion of production capacity by 1600 square meters of hall space. Purchase of a 2 ½ D laser cutting system including automatic sheet storage. Partial automation of sheet metal processing.

Machine #4000

Delivery of the 4000th machine after almost 50 years.

Issuance of 2 further patents

Issuance of 2 further patents: New development of an improved grinding media separation (series KBM) New development of a procedure for the special use of the KREIS-DISSOLVER®.

ADV 3000

Development of the construction series KDV / ADV 3000 / settlement of the project "dissolvers for the world's largest paint factory" (ASIAN PAINTS India).

ISO 9001

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 by the TÜV NORD CERT.

New offices

Enlargement of the office and administration office.

Second series KREIS-BASKET-MILL®

Presentation of the new, second construction series KREIS-BASKET-MILL® on the occasion of the Middle East Coatings Show 2005. High performance mill for fine grinding in batch production! Series production has been started because of a very good request. Batch sizes of 2 - 2000 litres useful volume.

New production hall

Building of a further production hall with 3000 m² hall area in order to be able to adapt the production capacity to the increased demand again.


Dispatch of the 3000th KREIS-DISSOLVER® after 40 years.

Large-scale dissolver

Development of the latest construction series called "Large-scale dissolver" KDV 2000 - Production and dispatch of the largest KREIS-DISSOLVER® ever manufactured.

Double Suction Disc

NIEMANN was granted the patent for the new development "Double Suction Disc ". This innovation guarantees reduced wetting times and improved dispersion results - another milestone in the history of the constant and successful development of the KREIS-DISSOLVER®!EURO-Patent-Nr. 0896834.

Further export markets

The successful introduction of NIEMANN equipment in further export markets led to a continuous increase of the turnover.

Frank Niemann entered the company

1998 Frank Niemann became the managing shareholder of the company.

Growing production area

Building of a new factory with a production area of approx. 3000 m² in order to meet the increasing demand both at home and abroad.

Speed Control

In addition to the above-mentioned patent Gerhard Niemann invented the current-dependent electronic speed control with the possibility of presetting the speed limit, patent no. DE 3221080 C1.

Machine #1000

Delivery of the 1000th machine.

Granting licences

NIEMANN granted the licence for production of dissolvers to Netzsch in Selb/Bavaria until 1985.

Speed control depending on viscosity

Gerhard Niemann invented the speed control depending on viscosity for reproducible dispersion qualities, patent no. 1.588.600, which paved the way for the world-wide success of his company.

First paint mixer

The fire in the lacquer factory of his friend caused Gerhard Niemann to manufacture a small "paint mixer" (dissolver) as a favour. This aroused the interest of local lacquer factories and they wanted to use the newly-developed speed adjustment technology by friction-vario gear, too, instead of the manual speed adjustment by handwheel wich was usual until then.


Restructuring of the company: Gerhard Niemann started the development and manufacturing of large-scale incubators for poultry-breeding and the production was changed from timber production to metalworking.


Wilhelm Höcker founded the today's company as a cabinetmaker's workshop, which was continued by his son-in-law, WILHELM NIEMANN.